Mrs Newlyn’s Shoes & Free Energy NOW!

Yesterday I went for a walk, initially grumbling and sooky. Difficult internet day … but before everyone gets comfortable I suppose I better cut to the chase for ravenously curious. The long and the short of it is … Free Energy has arrived on the Planet. I mean, it has probably been here and there for some time – but now some lot in Brazil have put a device in the market. As in, it is on SALE!

Go to Libertarian News for the excellently rendered skinny but if you want to look the horse in the mouth, you will need to be able to read Portuguese or get Google to translate – you can go to Energia Universal. By all means – read about it … but they have been overwhelmed with orders and inquiries. So please stand back, try not to swamp them. Back to my story …

… I sauntered in a slightly annoyed and pressured manner down the hill comme habitude. I espied a small person sitting happily in the ditch at the bottom of her drive way getting grubby. Dad had just returned home and was cracking open a knock off beer whilst unpacking the Ute. She was chatting away telling Dad all about what was going on. Dad was replying to her in the same way I recall my own well intentioned paternal figures of authority once responding. Lots of murmuring and minimal encourages – not a lot of ‘getting it’.

Bit frustrating. So I said to the small her-person, “Hello” and gave Dad a wave also. Nervous was the response but also curious. Ran up the drive way and so I walked on. But then – my small curious inquirer begged Dad to go for a walk and follow … reminded me of Mrs Newlyn and her slightly cracked out of tune high pitched breathless voice created by cigarettes rather than sauce.

So, I have always had a thing for shoes ~ shoes and ‘impossible’ dreams. These two sources of fascination met for me in one fabulous freedom fighter called, as I knew her first and last, Mrs Newlyn.

Pendragon Boots

Pendragon Boots

I went to a State Primary School, as most of us here in Oz did. Everything fun proposed was subject to a creative life and or authenticity tax known as a budget. Once cakes of mud posing as soap and reems of sandpaper required to be used as toilet paper had been paid for there wasn’t much left in the budget for things our parents wanted us to learn – like music and art. Enter Mrs Newlyn.

I don’t really know much about her. I think she was married because we called her Mrs. I didn’t think about people’s ages then. Just whether or not I liked their vibe but I suppose, on reflection, she must have been closer to 50 than 40.

I know she smoked occasionally and secretly because I saw this. She always wore red lipstick. She had a dark bob. I know she had fabulous shoes. She always wore the same pair. She had tiny feet. Size 6! And wore enormous heels to boost her pint size height. The woman had stature and no children. I discovered this. I have scoured the internet to find her shoes to show you. I imagined Gepetto and the elves made them and they probably did because they, like the elves, are nowhere to be found.

They were green. I think more aqua swinging to avocado green but Google calls this shade mint green. They had a fringe across the toes like brogues. Closed toe. Smooth beautiful hand tooled green thick leather and the highest heels you could imagine. Sturdy stable looking heels.

She tottered around the Library returning books, stamping cards and preparing displays. Yes the woman was magical and a Librarian. Somehow she created a Library in our State ‘No Funding for It’ Primary School. It started out in a room as a reading corner. Ended up with shelves full of Books on Insects, Marsupials, Sea Creatures, the Plant Kingdom, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, Dr WHO, UFO delights, picture books, science, fiction – fabulous. She made sure our cultural narrative, heritage and collective knowledge reached some of us. And then … the woman organised the Parents & Friends Association to raise money – and she built a building to house her Children’s Library! In a State Primary School. WTF! But she did.

One way to defeat oppression ~ just ignore it, refuse to acknowledge its existence.

Same Green & Design Close

No Buckle, Not Green Enough, Fringe About Right

Moral of the story … never underestimate the power of fabulous shoes and blood red lipstick. If these accoutrements were swords of a sort, they were subtle yet effective because she created a place were all of us kids learned the most powerful weapon we have against oppression of any kind.

We learned to think.
We learned to imagine.
We learned to dream.
We learned to create.

She knew exactly what kids love to dream about. She filled the Library with books about mysteries, you know – UFO’s, Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal. She helped us learn – to question, to gain understanding that would at some future moment bloom into knowledge and mature into Self Knowledge.

I eventually went to see the Taj Mahal. I will probably find a reason to share this at some point. It was, breathtaking and overwhelmingly sad at the same time. Rabindranath Tagore described the Taj Mahal as a “tear drop on the cheek of time”.

I first dreamed the dream of going there, to India to see this great architectural achievement and discover the woman who inspired its construction whilst I barricaded myself with pillows in reading corner in the Library built by that great crimson lipped green leather shod Warrior ~ Mrs Newlyn. And now I have some of her magic to share with you.

I have a mystery that wants unfurling and it is linked to just why we have not yet discovered and distributed Free Energy devices everywhere across the Planet. It may be a story, it is a collection of interesting facts strung into an even more interesting narrative – that might begin to unshackle those shackled by an increasingly oppressive and desolate world view, starting with Free Energy.

If Free Energy were widely available – it would completely break the dominant paradigm and narrative that defines our lives ~ what we believe is possible and not possible ~ and struggles across cultures around the globe.

Free energy would lift the yoke of oppression of all kinds from the shoulders of so many. There are some obstacles that shackle us outside in the world, but many of these – also reflect internal shackles and habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that need to be broken – so we can collectively embrace, live and create a culture that maintains individual and collective freedom.

I would include among these sources of oppression – the most painful – the lack of connection between each other and with our environment, the natural world around us.

This is Michael Tellinger presenting his findings on the use of Sound Energy as a source of Free Energy at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012 held in the Netherlands.

Pendragon Boot Company

And last but not least, Freedom Fighters in need of fabulous foot wear and a dose of inspiration, look no further. Here is a link to the Pendragon Boot Company.

They used to hand make all their boots, but that was … a while ago now. My own pair have shod me on many travels around the world and have now been put to pasture, reclining in a box (I hope) gently gathering dust.

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