Sights & Sounds from the “End of the Line” …

Kate Crowley

With an effortless voice, a knack for truly unique song writing and making any venue feel like your kitchen, Kate Crowley whips up a vocal feast, while making you a killer cup of tea.

Lily and King

LILY & KING are a quirky, musical junkyard – blissful, beautiful, dirty and wicked. They play Dixieland punk, sailor songs, blues, bluegrass, Burlesque, weird carnie show tunes and the odd bit of curious pop and street corner stomp. Their set sits somewhere between a captivating 40’s nightclub routine and the raw, reckless spirit of New Orleans street buskers. With a toy piano, squashed trombone, sassy vocals, guitar and half a toy drum kit a Lily & King show is a wild and joyful experience.

The April Maze

The April Maze show provides all of the vitality and beauty that good folk music has to offer, and an originality that is exciting and inspiring to experience live – with their rich, human vocals, cello, amazingly full and deep soul sound.

Stray Hens

Stray Hens … Music For Free Range Humans…Three incredible ladies of the folk and old time tradition. Sal Taylor on 5-string Fiddle, Rowena Wise on Fiddle and Ukulele, and Mandy Connell on Guitar and Mandolin blend stunning and richly individual voices with an ace rhythm section – Richard on Double Bass and Ryan Tews on Drums.

Citrus Jam

Citrus Jam is a Tropical Acoustic Pirate Shed Metal Act with a highly energetic and rather crazy live show. Using massive visual forces of rhythmically energised riffs alongside luxurious blissful shred melodies, Citrus joined by his Epic Sea Monsters will take you on a Shredtacular journey!

Melody Moon

Melody Moon is being described as ä fresch breeze on the Australian alternative folk scene”. Teaming up with cellist Caoimhe Collins and double bassist Peter Woodlands, the trio present a rich string sound complete with 3-part vocal harmonies.

Rachel By The Stream

Melbourne mash-up darlings Rachel By The Stream sync live looping with studio cut samples to create and energetic fusion of dub grooves, pop riffs and r’n’b flavours: ä totally distinctive talent” (ToneDEaf). Fresh from gracing the stage at Glastonbury Festival on their recent UK tour.

Music of Dash

The ethereal vocals of Sarah-Rose swell with warm electric guitar and walking bass lines to accent a confrontational lyrical intimacy and eclectic beats. DASH present an ambient and dynamic act far exceeding the expectations of a four piece.

Carolyn Oates

Carolyn Oates has been described as, “a cutting edge songwriter who explores unique and interesting guitar tunings that unveil complex harmony with beautiful and unexpected melodies melting into a perfect lyric.” Her songs are a reflection of the human condition but not what you’d expect.

Next year, pending compliance with any censorship requirements – I may be able to submit an offering of my very own. I am quietly working on my Burlesque enhanced Ukulele playing – unfortunately and at this stage, am still getting tangled up during rehearsal, so no one hold their breath!

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One more for the Road?

The 8Foot Felix

8Foot Felix is crafted from Balkan Blues with a heart that pumps from Vaudeville to Tom Waits via Mexican Ranchero. The Captain’s voice glides with the sweet triumph of the horns, and the graceful rigour of the strings, as he steers this great ship of shenanigans from his Rhondes piano.

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