Rusty calls for ‘Revolution’, are you ready?

“If it is not good for all of us, it is not good for any of us”

So just quickly here’s a clip to recap Rusty’s story so far. He commands the priceless and sparkly mantle of one who has transformed depravity to divinity. He has gone from addict to super star – and has the eloquence and wit to distribute it to all.

This is the interview with Paxman that has caused all the kerfuffle in the press. Rusty gets all fired up about all the failure of our Political System – elements in our modern world that prevents us through the medium of culture from evolving towards true and collective deep democracy. Calls for people to stop voting. The man might have Bi-Polar, who cares? Not I? He’s quick witted and impressively dismantles Paxman’s paradigm – one in which we are all unconsciously imprisoned. How does he do this? He connects to the man – not the system that employs him.

Not surprisingly this interview resulted in a flurrying of critiques being bandied about across all dimensions of the media as minds everywhere went into premature paralysis. The story went wild on YouTube which as you know – I have been watching since the Tesla Coil blew up our FoxTel Box. So Huffington Post rounded up Rusty for a reply and further exploration of the themes that emerged in the Paxman Interview. The journalist interviewing him is Mehdi Hasan. Tenacious yet gentle.

Truth rings. Here’s Powderfinger at the Big Day Out 1999, Sydney. Prophetic.

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