Mindfulness Meditation Classes in Tecoma

Meditation Basics

Meditation Basics provides students with an introduction to seated practice. Using Khentrul Rinpoche’s book, An Authentic Guide to Meditation, students delve into the Buddhist view of meditation and learn tools and techniques to connect with a deeper level of mind.

Each session explores meditation philosophy and the mind and offers guided practice. There are also opportunities to ask questions and discuss your experiences with the teacher and fellow students.

Teacher                Jackie Bao
Class times         Sunday, 10.00am – 11.00am
Facility Fee        $10 Full $7 Concession Members free

Meditation and Buddhism for Daily Life

Class format:

Our Buddhism for Daily Life class merges meditation with basic Buddhist principles in a friendly and easy to understand format.

Buddhist philosophy and meditation offers practical techniques that can increase our wisdom and wellbeing, assist with difficult experiences and help us to develop compassion for others.

Topics covered:

  • Learn techniques to relax physically
  • Try a variety of guided meditations for clarity of mind
  • Explore topics such as loving kindness, compassion, the mind, mindfulness, stress and anxiety
  • Understand how Buddhism can be applied to everyday life

Teacher                Khentrul Rinpoche
Class times          Tuesday, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Facility Fee           $10 Full $7 Concession Members free

For more information please contact Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute

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