Melancholy & Romance ~ Just because …

Since we lost the FoxTel Box due to the Tesla Coil mishap and subsequent burning, I have been YouTube-ing it a bit and listening to a bit more of Lana Del Rey. She has such a melancholic melodious voice full of blues and soul. I am captivated with what might have been. Such delightful torment.

For kicks – here is an interview with Lana partly en francais, partly en anglais. The interviewer is a bit of a peanut and watching him squirm attempting to interview Lana is excruciating, brings out my inner masochist. Like watching static electricity take over a cat stuck in a bath slowly filling with water. It gets worse and worse.

He starts off speaking some french for his audience then deftly swapping to english to ask Lana a question. But then, he starts getting, well, nervous because of the way she is responding. She cannot be other than authentic and her lack of guile puts him off his game. He has nothing to recommend himself but charm and veneer. He is intimidated by her authenticity and cannot find a way to connect to her.

He starts mixing french and english to cover his discomfort. So preoccupied is he with her presence – he doesn’t realise talking at her in french – and this quelle surprise – is pissing her off! He manages to cover his discomfort with misplaced increasingly speedy charm for most of the interview – then loses it towards the end and more or less calls her a ‘sulky little girl’.

Lana responds by telling him to “Shut up!” The fool finds this funny!? So does the audience. It is like watching oil and water collide, smash and slide off each other. One cannot be other than authentic and les autre could not be authentic not even if they punched themselves and removed their own teeth. It would, at least – stop that crazy smile.

Not sure why this is so compelling, but it is.

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