Lights Out Tecoma! Was it a Bird? A Plane? … A Tesla Coil?

So friends, last night in downtown Tecoma – perhaps we were a bit ‘high’ on the tail winds of the 7:30 Report ABC describing our adventures and ‘Tecoma goes to Town in the US”. Garry Muratore, Spokesperson for the Tecoma Protesters, being all over the US Media or as Garry says, ‘went gang busters’ – who knows?

When I started writing this post it was ‘last night’, now it is two nights ago – but if I leave posting this any long it will have to be a ‘couple of nights back’, in any case – who likes a Ghost Story?

Around 7:00pm, something spooky happened … to set the scene – here is a miniscule moment about Bee, who was a little slack and took an afternoon Zzzzz – to his or possibly her peril! Woke up in darkness – which is what happened to us!

Clangers and my good self were in the kitchen minding our own business arguing about how you make bread or the salad, or microwave rice – something essential when suddening out of nowhere the light bulbs all over our house began blowing, glowing, flickering, zapping and snapping.

Clangers was unusually blythe, snapped in to action, leaping around pulling out appliances from their sockets. Heroic work that true to form was also – slightly dangerous. Of course – the crazy Foxtel Box started burning and we weren’t sure if everything was burning. Something – nearby and as reported by the Power Company, ‘unknown’ had caused the power surge. Then … the lights went out!

Not an unusual occurrence up here in the Hills. Probably “a Tree down”, says I.
“Not with all that surging” says Clangers.
T’was weird!

Got me thinking, always a worry – then I began imagining just what could have caused such a surge? For some time, in my mind’s eye I have been imagining Tesla Coils sprouting all around like mushrooms delivering free energy and liberation to all who would take the time to watch the squillions of ‘How to’ and ‘DIY’ Free Energy Manuals and Demos posted on You Tube.

I have been thinking of building my own Tesla Coil for some time, even fancy myself brilliant builder and liberator of the earth but truth be told, I lack something. I have the inspiration, even the excitement – but I am not an Engineer nor Industrial Designer – I only have the ‘electrickery’ and the wish – but not the muscle to execute such a great task.

Ideas hang around in the back of my mind. I am certain you have your own internal washing line out the back. You hung up your ideas out there all bright and white, then forgot and neglected to take in. Now they are probably covered in dog hair, grub and grass clippings. I am with you.

So we, Clangers and I, were up at Oscar’s a couple of months back. T’was Winter – that season pregnant with possibilities and mysteries a plenty. Met friend ‘Gav’ and conversation quickly turned to the holy grail of the technological world – free energy.

‘Gav’ has mate ‘Matt’ – who recently designed a crazy app that talks to appliances … like coo-ool. I will be more interested when crazy app actually does the vacuuming. But then I would be deprived of the meditative experience of manual work … I digress. Gav reported that Matt had always been about ‘the free energy’ device but had recently given up his search.

Prior to this admission of defeat, Matt was all about the relentless pursuit of free energy – been down ditch and over dale searching for many moons, unsuccessfully. Bummer! After a few green slippers visions seem infinitely closer to reality and actually happening.

I confidently and probably a bit loudly spoke about my expert knowledge gleaned from watching YouTube vids – I sang about electric cars and wopped on about Static Electric Generators pointing to the mythic Methernitha Community in Switzerland that is rumoured to be powered by 6 Wimhurst Static Electric Generators or Testatikas. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the subject. And here, for those with eyes to see – and a noggen to comprehend – is a crack at ‘how to’

Introducing alleged very old footage, possibly shot on high 8 or VHS of the Testatika at Methernitha – with the usual warning about the ‘world’ not being spiritually evolved etc – at some point you have to trust the adolescents to use their heads, marry responsibility with freedom and have a go – says I.

So, in conclusion – moreover, said another way – in my imagination this is what caused the electric surge on Tuesday night last – and it is also why the cause remains ‘unknown’.

For the skeptics, so boring – such anger congealed in to cynicism – It was not a Tree!

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