A song for Spring!

Everything needs a song! Everything – just quietly, in my lived experience – has a song! People! Houses! Places! Pets! Even my car. Just need to ‘listen’ – deeply, carefully – authentically, honestly and you will hear it too.

Today – a song is needed because there is grey and rain – uh Melbourne! – Where did that crazy sun go! Come back. Come back quick! Feel cold and also there are more Cherry Blossoms coming out – keen to snap! Not enough Light!

I am listening to this rolling loll-a-ping along rock-a-billy song by Brooke Fraser singing in manner of smiling labrador with tongue flagging like a pink scarf rushing up green hill wild with Tecoma grass to greet you.

This song reminds me of Balmy Brisbane Balconies shared with lovers as yet too young that never would become. It is all about ‘connection’, without connection – there is no reflection, without reflection – there can be no transformation and without transformation – World Peace – comes late, would be good if it stayed late also – like an Indian Summer.

I am still on that veranda in Brisbane, imagining Kangaroo Dreaming – leaping forward in joy! – flying across that still red earth in Central Australia! I see and sing – this dream instead of Melbourne’s grey.

Here’s Brooke helping …

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