Cheese? Yes Please ~ Yarra Valley Dairy!

So some Sundays ago Clangers and I ventured out in to the newly minted Spring to find Cheese. Clangers digs cheese – the bluer and the stinkier – the better. We went on a wander.

In the beginning – we thought we might go to The Cook’s Corner, which we did and enjoyed something smothered and hollandaised. But then, seduced by all that wonderful Spring Sunlight – we thought ‘onward’, so we went and ended up at the Yarra Valley Dairy.

What can I say about the Yarra Valley Dairy? – To begin, it is full of excellent wine and cheese. Cheeses – made by hand. There are lots of local wine makers in the Yarra Valley. On Sundays – the Dairy gives a hawking spot to the local wine makers. They get to spruik and you can drink their wares.

Of course – louder labels are better for blogs and amateur smart phone snappers. [Note to self and possibly wine makers]

Also, on reflection maybe removing offending finger from the frame helps create an over all image of effortless sophistication. Believe none who say glamour is ‘effortless’. It is pain and poise and artifice.

I sampled a glass of the bottle whose label is obscured and it was a fantastic lemon sherbet fizz – sort of chardy – I think. Name is not coming to me – I hate that, when you just cannot think of the name of something! How irritating!

So Clangers and I did what those of meagre culinary talent do best – we appreciated the fine works of others. The Yarra Valley is overflowing with fine works of the cuisine kind. What joy! Here is some of the joy – we enjoyed.

A good pie is worth the wait, but a good pork pie is worth singing about.

So the name is coming to me, it is on the tip of my tongue – it may have been called ‘Paul’s Range’ – they did something fabulous with carbon dioxide, it tasted like it should have fizzed – but didn’t. Another mystery.

Shopping for food, for Cheese in Paris is an experience. France is overwhelming when it comes to cheese. Common garden variety corner markets in Paris sell a range of dairy, sheep and goat cheese. Finding even one kind of sheep cheese in Australia is becoming easier but unless you can shop at Leo’s or Maxi Foods, lucky Tecoma residents that we are, it used to be just a dream.

Every day there is at least one perfect moment – where the world stops, even if it only pauses in your world for a second. The Yarra Valley Dairy makes a variety of dairy and goat cheeses – a little bit of Paris dreaming has seeped quietly into the Yarra Valley – the sheep cheese has not yet arrived – probably got lost on the way over.

It is a great joy to marry that moment with cheese, wine and lovely Spring Sunshine.

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