All the world is a stage …

No Maccas Flash Mob @ Knox City

Due to the chop wood and carry water duties that come with the business of living, I haven’t been able to stretch far enough to follow the doings and beings of the Tecoma Protesters super closely of late.

Hound Dog Clangers, on the other hand, has had his nose to the ground and reports, at times, hourly updates on Facebook. I understand from Goodly Clangers that the Team are making a play and doing a bit of crowd funding to raise the necessary for mounting a US Protest, perhaps a “Pop Up Protest?”, out the front of MACCAS HQ in Chicago. Right On!

I hear fund raising went well to the tune of um 30K by 19 August and was still rising or so the Herald reports.

I will be at the Swing in to Spring Gala happening this Friday and was the original plan to raise funds to support the Tecoma Eight or Tecoma 8 as they face Maccas in Court …

Clangers has further alerted me to the No to McDonald’s Exhibition at Fat Space. I have seen some of the Art, it is worth ‘seeing’. AND then Clangers stuck me right in front of this fabulous example of Authenticity, Unconditional Self Expression and an impressive “F@#$! Y@#$ and the Horse You Rode In On!” plus “We got talent!” ~ Undeniable!

What do you think of the Performance? The Voices? The Stunt? … I am thinking, Cheeky! And then I am smiling.

Huffington Post thought the performance was good enough to report … who knows what will happen next.

Ellen? Bethany?

“I’m lovin it!”

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