Spring is here! Winter forgotten for another year …

I go walking, most days – need a Mindful Activity to keep my head on straight and ‘bow to the village’.

Spring is the season of Cherry Blossoms – they are like all the best moments unfolded – a brief poignant and memorable stillness and then they pass – usually after a couple of days. But before the awesome Cherry Blossom arrives – there is the Crabtree – myself and Clangers confused the two but were straightened out by an all knowing, compassionate and helpful being at the Nursery.

Here is a miniscule moment about those anthropomorphised insects and a different kind of ‘spring’, lots of leaping.

Crabtrees or Cherry Blossoms and that crazy whiffy onion grass are here to announce the arrival of Spring.

Here are a few snaps from the ‘way I walk’ …

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