Down the Rabbit Hole, Getting to Wonderland

If you are anything like the little child we once – all were, curiosity about the mysteries of life – remains ticking away somewhere in the back of your mind – wondering. I have something – just for you who long to bungey jump down Rabbit Holes, to knock back the worrying bottle marked “Drink Me!” and know immediately they would take the Blue Pill over the Red and here it is …

I have a movie to tell you about – that in many ways describes the keys to the kingdom. It will explain to anyone who would take the time to watch, what the Dreamtime is – using Science and Narrative Metaphor it explains how the Dreamtime works and how to ‘Dream’.

The ideas presented in the part doco, part narrative piece of visual media – will change the way you understand what is real and how the world around you works. The story is loosely about Photographer Amanda, played by Marlee Maitlin [deaf American Actress]- who has her reality deconstructed and she falls through the Rabbit Hole.

It is interspersed with interviews from a variety of professionals ranging from Quantum Physicists, to Chiros, to Bio-Chemical Scientists, to Psychologists, to Mystics – it describes reality as being much weirder and stranger than we would all like to think.

Amanda, being a photographer – plays the important role of – the Observer. We all have an ‘Inner Observer’ defining who we are and who we are not.

See what you think, I am fairly confident – the full movie can be found on YouTube, but here are some tid-bits to see if it hooks your curiosity. Wouldn’t you like to know – exactly, step y step – how to bring about a dream?

This is a clip – only for those insisting on the Science – it does elucidate the baffling scientific finding that opens the door to Wonderland …

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