Nail the Flu Tea, Toast and Chest Rub …

Nail-the-flu Tea

2mL Echinacea – stimulates immune system activity
2ml Ginger – antiemetic, diaphoretic, carminative, creates heat, opens blood vessels – assists medicine in, junk out
2mL Licorice – mucoprotective, demulcent, expectorant
Half Lemon – Squeezed Fresh
Tsp Raw Unrefined honey
Hot Water


Nail-the-Flu Toast

Raw Garlic Toast – toast bread, spread butter liberally, mince garlic – spread on top of buttered toast. Give to patient it will taste hot but Garlic is a fabulous medicine for the heart, mucous membrane and respiratory tract.

Garlic has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial,anti-viral and mucolytic capacities [breaks up mucous] that helpfully travel through the stomach, liver, bloodstream all the way to the lungs, bond with an oxygen molecule and from there travel in manner of medicinal gas through the sinuses, throat, nose and lung delivering helpful help.

Caveat – it must be raw, and must be eaten within 20 minutes of mincing the garlic. It will taste hot, but there is no substitute.

Chest Rub

Last but not least – the Chest Rub. Round up an olde favourite Castor Oil, Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oil – rub in own hands to mix then rub on irritated patient. The Eucalyptus oil will create vapor that does something similar to the Garlic – but on the way in and the Lavender helps in the same way but will suppress a cough, so only use this with a dry cough. Lavender also – makes sleep more likely and more deeply.



As for Castor Oil – it’s magic is Biblical and hard to explain scientifically. Many ways to apply, douse cloth – warm oil. Word to the wise – it kind of gets everywhere so make sure your patient is not wearing their best. They need to put a cotton vest, singlet or t-shirt over it. Lather them with it before sleeping for best results.

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