It’s all about Lip Stick this week

Forever Pink Just Kissed ~ Lip Stain

I think I need a short respite from all things relating to le protest democratique chez Tecoma. Looking good on the Picket Line – is very – fashion forward, but not always within reach.

I dig Democracy but just quietly you can have too much Democracy in one week, when this happens I can find myself at the Pharmacy comparing prices and benefits of anti-aging miracle potions. At this point, I have learned from past experience that I am approaching the white knuckle stage of stress exposure and need to take emergency and dramatic action, as in off to Daylesford – for hydrotherapy.

I am all about quick and dirty when it comes to the arrangement of make-up, hair care and self care in general. It’s got to look good and do it quickly. I would quite like it if I could extract results following a elegant sort of wiping action or magical gesture in the general direction of mine visage. Results following a well timed whistle would be the preferred level of effort I am capable of investing.

Lip Stain

I have a wonder lipstick to recommend, and yes – I am helping you with a link to Amazon, but the truth is – she is difficult to find here in OZ. This lipstick stains skin – lips and cheeks – a little pink but more is not better. If you go over board, I know this from experience, you will just end up with an excruciating shade of lolly pink – a bit NQR- aka Pink ‘n Pretty Barbie popular with six year old girls everywhere.

Not Lip Stick

The chemistry of the lipstick reacts with the hormone levels in your lips and cheeks staining the skin a little pinker and so – it is the ultimate in authenticity – the shade of pink that happens to you will be slightly different to the one I end up sporting. It is sincerely the closest I have ever come to effortless glamour.

So before enlightenment and the innocent grace this state of mind bestows – there is Jane Iredale’s miracle mineral make-up lip stain.

Enjoy …

Jane Iredale Forever Pink Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain

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