Ca Suffit! Enough! Know your Enemy, Know Yourself!

The Gnomes in our Hills have had enough. They have decided to take a stand.

Many of us exist in a kind of dull apathy where we are too tired, too disempowered, have lived too long not being listened to, not being heard that we are no longer able to hear ourselves. We take the daily automated trek to the salt mines for some kind of existence stipend. We exist in relationships with people who barely know themselves much less know us. We eat heathy food and then relapse because it was not fun. We remember passion. We have heard of it in a distant past time. We listen to music and dream of another existence. People loved. People cared.

We breath a little less and a little shallower than the day before. We acquiesce, capitulate, accept our fate. What else can we do? We watch advertisements that remind us we are failing at our primary task. We are not ‘perfect’. We feel something like the pain of abandonment, rejection because we are not. We do not cry. We are too tired. We do not question. What would be the point? We feel vaguely cheated by someone or something and then we forget. The effort of remembering is too painful, so we slowly disappear … or do we? Can we?

And then, something happens. Something always happens when you are alive. ‘Life’ or the experience of living engages with you – and you are challenged to respond. It is at this moment – your true authentic self shivers …

Our Gnomes have decided to march. As you know Maccas is proposing to infect our community with litter, sugar, fat and apathy. Our Gnomes have decided to take a stand and loudly with absolute conviction say “NO!” “YOU WILL NOT PASS!”

Friends – perception is a mysterious mirror of the self. If you are finding yourself reading about us here in Tecoma – you are trying to meet that part of yourself that wants to say “No!”, “Enough!” to something in your life. Let us help you! Join us! You can sign our Petition being hosted by the National Union of Workers to oppose the McDonald’s development in Tecoma and at the same time take a stand in your own life against everything that is strangling unconditional self expression and acceptance of your authentic true self.

Many of us exist in a state of blind apathy. Feels like exhaustion. Smells like defeat but, if you are following our the story of the Tecoma’s David and Goliath Battle with the Giant McDonald’s Corporation – you are not defeated, only slumbering.

I want to ask you about the day, the very moment you began to believe you could not live as your true authentic self and meet the true authentic self of others.

If you are watching, if you are following our story here in Tecoma – you are not defeated, you are not unknown, you are not lost – just sleeping, like Snow White. Somewhere along the line you ate a poisoned apple.

Sooner or later, you will wake. You will speak because you exist. You respire, you perceive, you experience life and more than that you are becoming … you cannot help it.

It is happening, perhaps slowly, but it is happening.

Waking, bringing awareness to your journey can speed things up but the good news is progress and triumph over adversary and adversity is inevitable. It is just a matter of time.

Take heart friends. Join us in Tecoma.

If you do not know who you are or what you are about … look to your anger, look to your reactions, follow your body.

Trust your body.

Your instinct will take you home.

It is a great moment when you have found your enemy for they are the key to your sovereignity. You are poised to become your own true self.

Sovereign. Unseatable. Unstoppable.

Know your enemy and you will know yourself.

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