Union Calls a STOP WORK – Tecoma MACCA’s SITE! Burger Off!

Friends, there is a true Hero in our midst.

One of the Protesters, a Blue Blooded Thorough-Bred Lady, was camped out on the roof of the old dairy making a stand for Sugar Free food, Community Connection and the Health of our Children.

Last night our Rebel Girl was pulled off the roof and allegedly assaulted by one of the site’s Security Guards. Her injury – broken fingers – was actual and bandaged.

The good news is the Union has called a “Stop Work”, as I understand it – until MACCAS sorts things out with the Community. The learning, for the aficionados of Authenticity … STAND YOUR GROUND! And ALLIES STEP FORWARD.

Here is ‘Rebel Girl’, by Joe Hill – two versions, couldn’t choose between them.
First up is is Hazel Dickens on Banjo.

And here is Joe Glazer on Guitar. Softer on the ears for those who lack the Banjo listening gene.

Hold the essence of your own True Vision Friends, whatever it may be, stand your ground and never stop Dreaming.

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