Salamanca Markets in Hobart – a Bootlegger’s Bazaar

Too much of a good thing … is really wonderful.

What can I say about the Salamanca Markets? We, Clangers and I, may have been there over the weekend. If you go there, you will find – I confess this at the risk of being gazed upon by that pesky Other – poised to accuse and disapprove. I care not! Go the Authentic Life! Such joy was had! Get down there, if you can – as in literally – Hobart is down from here, from most places.

If you trespass on Tassie Hospitality – you will find the best Whiskey, Mead, Sloe Gin, ordinary Gin that both removes and implants a chest hair, Cheese, Truffles, Folk Music, Knitted Socks and Artisan Craft I have seen anywhere. Not to mention the Strawberries – did I mention these and the Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Brandy, Raspberry Brandy.

Must be that Tassie water, so clear and cool – Shhhhh! Say nought, or they will all want some.

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