Democracy are you still there?

More and more I hear organisation visions, mission statements and value statements that are all but meaningless in terms of what is actually happening in the environment they describe and the people they are written about. This kind of double speak, the say one thing do something else story, has become widespread to the extent that it is ‘normal’, ordinary – common place, accepted.

Something is wrong in our world when this is happening everywhere. Where printing money becomes the Government endorsed solution to a struggling economy and floundering currency values. This kind of thinking is paramount to collectively blocking ears, closing eyes and loudly humming “Mary had a little lamb” – can anyone remember nursery rhymes and their original purpose?

I live in The Hills on the eastern edge of Melbourne city. The old growth forests hear – I mean ‘here’ are sheltering more that just wildlife but our collective is being threatened by a proposed Macdonald’s development, which is clearly – not welcome.

What do you think of our Burger Off March Against Macca’s Campaign? Do you still feel the fight for personal and collective freedom of self expression and right to determine the direction of your life or has all your fire gone out?

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