Bilberries A Sight for Sore Eyes

Beautiful Bilberries

Ocular damage and degeneration waits up there, ahead for all of us and our eyes, in this techno dependent world is something none of us can afford to lose. The retina is very vulnerable to oxidative stress and damage due to its increased use of oxygen, high lipid content and exposure to UV light not to mention its delicate micro-circulatory system which is vulnerable to inflammation when stretched to see tiny weeney type on smart phones or if you prefer – the other ‘i’ phone. The pesky sugar also causes trouble to the eyes.

The four most common vision impairements are age related macular degeneration or AMD, glaucoma, diabetes retinopathy and cataracts and oxidative stress is responsible somewhere in the picture.

AMD is caused by something called lipid peroxication and oxidative damage to photoreceptors and retinal pigment epithelial cells. This is big trouble and spells destruction and if you listen to the cosmetics industry – also causes ageing. Our cells need oxygen but using oxygen causes some undesirable damage or oxidative stress to occur. Free radicals are loose electrons, wanton, undiscriminating, cheap and easy. They rudely filch electrons from the lipids in cell membranes and weaken the strength of surrounding tissue. In eyes, this ultimately causes vision loss over time – a bit like a car rusting you might say.

Glaucoma is caused by increased introcular fluid pressure within the eye which in turn causes pressure on the optic nerve and loss of retinal ganglion cells. Diabetic retinopathy is a result of oxidative stress, reduced blood flow and too much sugar floating around. Cataracts are caused by the combined effects of UV exposure, inflammation – never a good thing, aging, infections and chemical exposure.

The good news is the Bilberry Vacciniummytillus is able to help reduce damage caused by oxidative stress or free radicals. Bilberries are a rich source of bioflavonoids and anthocyanosides, two compounds which are Powerful Antioxidants. We love anything that smacks of antioxidants because of their anti-ageing properties. They reduce oxidative accumulation in ocular tissue, eyes, due to their polyphenol structre. This means when the loose free radicals com a calling they are able to donate multiple electrons and ameliorate the negative effects free radicals have on eye tissue.

Anthocyanosides have helpful Anti-Inflammatory capabilities which reduces the pressure any inflammation happening in delicate eye tissue. Reducing inflammation – reduces risk and frequency of damage the the delicate micro-circulatory system that feeds the eye and enables us to see. We need to see, so we know where we are going.

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