Can Cinnamon save Us from the dreaded Diabetes …?

Crunchy Cinnamon Quills … Yum & NO SUGAR!

Diabetes is on the increase and carrying extra weight has become the norm rather than the exception. Multiple factors are to blame. The modern world is full of stress, sugar and what has become known as ‘the sedentary lifestyle’. This spells trouble for our body because our body’s innate intelligence is designed to convert carbohydrates in to energy for use, meaning physical activity rather than ‘assuming the foxtel position’. The body is a bit like a furnace for sugar – if we are using our body as intended. Unnecessary or extra sugar floating around the blood stream causes confusion. Too much for too long – spells trouble. Damage begins quietly, silently, stealthily.

Recently, as very recently – in 2011, my sources inform me that a group of scientists in the US rounded up eight studies investigating the effects Cinnamon has in lowering fasting blood glucose. This is interesting and potentially helpful in the anti-sugar warfare campaign I am preparing to marshall in pursuit of the authentic sustainable lifestyle. Their investigations showed that the effects of Cinnamon on blood glucose levels was comparable to the effects of Metformin, you know – the drug commonly used to treat Type 2 Diabetes.

So Type 2 Diabetes is the one we can acquire where the pancreas kinda sorta tries to produce insulin but not enough for the body’s needs. Remember we need insulin so our cells can use the energy stored in the sugar. But wait, there’s more trouble. Then the body’s cells stop responding to the insulin the pancreas does make. So the whole situation becomes a hot mess. Pancreas tries to make insulin, cells can’t use insulin, starving cells tell brain they are hungry, brain tells mouth to eat sugar, sugar goes straight in to blood to feed cells but … not enough insulin, or cells can’t use insulin. Trouble. As in Big and Hot.

This is where drugs like Metformin are prescribed or a food alternative such as … Cinnamon can help reduce the impact of too high blood sugar. So how much, how often, how effective are these treatments? All good questions to ask your treating Herbalist. Diet can always assist in the creation and maintenance of health, knowledge such as what and when and how much – is power.

Davis, P.& Yokoyama, W. (2011). ‘Çinnamon intake lowers fasting blood glucose: meta-analysis’, Journal of Medicinal Food, 14(9), 884-889

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