Greetings Earth …


Hello and welcome to the first post of Days-e-Chain … a blog all about the nothing in between the something, but to be more particular and specific – I will be posting and inviting comments on the pursuit of Health and Well Being in all its permutations.

Curiosity is welcome, creativity and intellectually flexibility is encouraged. Sarcasm is not although perhaps unavoidable – with one sparkling exception. Sarcasm is permitted if you have have an aptitude for sardonic humor and more importantly you are prepared to face up and front up to whatever drives the anger lurking underneath your resident inner critic turned tyrant.

Who doesn’t want to see Narcissism, the enemy of the People, exsanguinated.

The potential – yet to be realised.

The blog – the ultimate Tool for the Romantic, the poential for connection remains … More to come, xoxo Imogen

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